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International Project management - Virtual Project management 

We are specialised in the management of projects of international and multicultural teams in a virtual environment as well as at your company locations.

A virtual team model for projects can be very successful when working cross-borders with people in different locations and time zones.Virtual working together seems to be very efficient and effective.

One of the key elements in this model is to have a strong and communicative leader, the role of the Project Manager. Besides organizing a kick-off meeting for all project team members to get to know each other, it is important that the Project Manager is activelly communicating with all parties during the entire process. This is even more important than it is in the traditional way of working together.

We can provide highly skilled Project Managers to your company with our experience in this international industry and after managing many successful projects.

Project Management

The need for organizational change within your airline or travel company can be manifold: revised strategy goals, changing market conditions, merger, entering new markets, start-up of a (international) business unit, implementing new IT system or cost-cutting requirements.

An effective and efficient way to manage your changes is by forming a temporary project team to achieve your goals. Essential is the management overview of your project. Project management is about making things happen, managing change and managing relationships. It is about planning, scheduling and controlling. And it is, last but not least, about team building.

As we focus primarily on airline and travel industry, we can deliver experienced Project managers with knowledge of your business.

Our certified Project managers, strong in communication and teambuilding will make your projects successful

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