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Pauline E.M.Hoogervorst founded the Dutch company. She is working together with a network of professionals having specialized skills and expertise in various fields e.g. Marketing & Sales, Customer Management, Station Management, Airline and Airport Operations, Outsourcing, Supplier Management and ICT implementations.

The primary focus is on the airline and travel industry, covering sectors such as airlines, airports, and related industries (e.g. catering company, suppliers, handling company), general sales agents, tour operators, travel agents and other travel-related industries

The base is in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and their cosmopolitan teams operate throughout Europe
International Project and Change Management
We specialize in international Project and Change Management in the Airline & Travel Industry in Europe

We provide temporary hands-on support to your company to implement significant organizational change or start-up a new business (unit) within Europe. Project timelines vary from two weeks to 8 months, depending on the needs of the customer.

Your organization can benefit from our broad expertise and 30 years of hands- on experience in the airline and travel industry and our professionals have a proven track in successful managerial and organizational change They have international working experience,are multilingual and can act as Project Manager, Interim and Change Manager or Consultant.

With our no-nonsense approach, focused on the people, teams and result we offer our clients successful implementations.

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